Our Story

Great designs are often created out of simple concepts.Our story began in 2013 when a single ring inspired the design and creation of our Galaxy leather collection. Each piece involves linking of leather rings in patterns inspired by the traditional maille weaves used historically throughout Europe and Eastern countries. Mojiana is defined by its innovative structural design, exclusivity and authenticity. The distinctive craftsmanship and attention to detail expresses its core philosophy. Each piece is intricate and unique in its thoughtful construction and fabrication.

Wear Mojiana, Be Empowered and Embrace Your Beauty

” Mojiana is a fusion of untamed structure, feminine elegance, luxury, sophistication, finesse and attitude. Wearing Mojiana is all about emotions and feelings. It allows you to enhance your beauty and to express your desire to define your femininity, individuality and spirit of independence. It makes you feel confident, empowered and perfectly reflects the sophisticated modern woman in you. Mojiana’s one of a kind pieces are a stylish contemporary accent to your attire and each piece encapsulates the very meaning of the word woman for you.”

Moji Salehi; Founder and Designer at Mojiana