Moji Salehi Mojiana

Mojiana is a British jewellery and handbag brand based in Brighton, United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2013, when Moji decided to focus her creative energy into following her dream to develop her own fashion accessory label. With a background in interior design and textile printing, she formed her interior design business Moji Interiors and craft and business academy Moji Designs in 2008. This experience equipped her with the insight and business acumen, which combined with her passion for colour and texture culminated in the conception of Mojiana. Moji formed the company to combine her passion for geometric patterns and shapes, inspired by her Persian heritage and professional design skills. This allowed her to create a highly unique range of elegant, sophisticated and wearable contemporary pieces. Moji’s signature leather handbag and jewellery collection “Galaxy” was launched in 2013, followed by the 2D23D acrylic collection in 2014 to widespread acclaim.

For the both collections, Moji creates complex modular structures to create interest, unity and movement. This contributes a visual rhythm to the viewer, engaging their attention and prompting them to investigate the piece further. With this emphasis on form, line and rhythm, the collections are bold yet balanced with a sense of mystery, wonder and drama. The latest SS16 addition has been created using vibrant and new colours, set in a two tone scheme.

The Mojiana jewellery range is designed in-house and is impeccably handcrafted in Sussex by Moji. The handbag range is made by both herself and skilled artisans in London, who have worked on high end bespoke pieces for celebrities and Royalty.

Each piece can take days to complete and has been lovingly handcrafted with passion, care and attention to detail. Moji considers every piece as an individual piece of art, and she presents her work with the pride that benefits both herself as a designer/maker and the women who wear it. Moji’s aim is to bring quality craftsmanship without compromise. She dedicates time, patience and effort to hone her craft and build a quality reputation for her work, where craftsmanship is always a top priority. Moji is hoping that the value of her pioneering work will be recognised by those who appreciate great design and well-crafted contemporary creations.

Mojiana’s timeless and exquisite pieces perfectly reflect the sophisticated modern woman who is not only unique in her personality but in her fashion sense. Mojiana’s one of a kind pieces are a stylish contemporary accent to any attire and each piece encapsulates the very meaning of the word woman.

Moji Salehi; Founder and Designer at Mojiana