Mojiana is a multi-disciplinary design studio launched in 2008 by Moji Salehi. With a background in interior design, textile printing, upholstery and ceramics, Moji launched her first screen printed homeware in 2008. In 2013 her body of work was expanded to a jewellery line followed by a decorative lighting collection in 2018.

With a focus on symmetry, repetition and use of rich colours, Moji creates complex jewellery pieces to create interest, unity and movement. This contributes a visual rhythm to the viewer, engaging their attention and prompting them to investigate the piece further. With this emphasis on form, line and rhythm, the collection is bold yet balanced with a sense of mystery, wonder and drama. Each piece of the Galaxy collection involves linking of double layered leather rings in patterns inspired by the traditional maille weaves used historically throughout Europe and Eastern countries.

Applying the same principal of symmetry, rhythm and repetition, the Rang-a’-Rang lighting collection is inspired by the ancient art of paper folding. It is a celebration of colour and form, radiating pure creativity with an irresistible allure. Made of felt the collection is suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces. It highlights the material’s texture, depth and richness, balancing an interplay of light and shadow. With its subtle and warm pool of light cast in its surrounding this multi functional collection allows the users to adapt the position of the lights to their interiors. whether it’s placed horizontally, vertically or leaned against another one in duo or trio combination, this collection of floor lamps, table or pendants brings a contemporary touch of sophisticated glamour to any modern home.

With a passion for exploring the boundaries of materials and an enduring ambition to create design objects for the home, Moji aspires to create a lighting and home accessories collection in ceramic in 2019.