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Trade Exhibitions 2014-15

Scoop International 2015

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Demur Magazine 2015

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Pure London 2015

Mojiana at Pure London

Top Drawer Craft London 2015


Mojiana at Top Drawer Craft London

Top Drawer 2014


Mojiana at Top Drawer

Interview with World’s No.1 Model 2015

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. New Release 2015 Official Video “The Making Of Mojiana”

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. What Mojiana Jewellery says about you

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. As seen on TV 2015


Arts and Crafts Design Award 2015


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Pure London Catwalk 2015

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Brighton Fashion Week 2014


Brighton Style Magazine

Sussex Living Magazine 2014

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Lusso Magazine 2014


Attire Magazine 2014

The Argus 2014

Mrs UK World 2014 Lindsay Hills

Collaboration with Gary Forde 

British Hairdressing Award 2014

Fashion Edge 2014

Guest Designer at House of Hoye


 Press release 2015


 Mojiana launches Galaxy SS16 Collection at

Scoop International, Saatchi Gallery, LONDON, 2-4 August 2015

 MOJIANA, the luxury fashion accessories brand set to steal the stage at this year’s Scoop International, is a force to be reckoned with.  Passionately designed and refined by Moji Salehi, the Galaxy collection arguably represents everything the modern woman aspires to be, offering a sense of empowerment and confidence.  MOJIANA leather jewellery is synonymous with luxury, sophistication, finesse and elegance and is already being sought after to appear in fashion shows in London, Paris and Milan.

 Moji says of her collection, ‘Wearing MOJIANA jewellery allows you to enhance your beauty and express your desire to

define your femininity, individuality and spirit of independence. These timeless and exquisite pieces perfectly reflect the sophisticated modern woman in you.’

Galaxy SS16 yellow necklace-1

 There is literally no comparison to this stunning architectural influenced jewellery, currently available on the market.

Handcrafted personally by Moji, in her studio based in Sussex, she creates complex modular structures by incorporating simple geometric elements,

which are laser cut, hand painted, repeated and interlinked to create interest, unity and movement.

This creates a visual rhythm to the eye of the viewer, engaging their attention and prompting them to investigate the piece further. With this emphasis on form, line and rhythm, the Galaxy collection is bold, yet balanced with a sense of mystery, wonder and drama. Moji is also renowned for her remarkable handbag range where she works closely with a highly skilled London based team of artisans, who have previously been responsible for producing high-end bespoke pieces, adorned by both celebrities and royalty.

The inspiration behind these collections is drawn from the key fundamental of all geometric design: the circle.  Defined by its innovative structural design, exclusivity and authenticity, each piece is unique and carefully constructed, bringing together a beautifully natural fusion of untamed structure and feminine elegance. An expression of Moji’s view on the ‘circle of life’ and its continuity, is reflected in both her outlook and her work.

Galaxy SS16 Blue brown long necklace1

 Established in 2013, Moji launched the brand to focus her creative energy and follow her dream of designing and developing her own luxury accessories brand.  Complemented by a history in interior design and textile printing, not to mention her natural flair for design, Moji was led to launch her first signature collection ‘Galaxy’. An innate passion for geometric shape whilst being strongly influenced by her Persian roots, allows her to create elegant, sophisticated and highly enviable pieces.

Galaxy SS16 twin bracelets-1

MOJIANA will be available to see at Scoop International from the 2-4th of August 2015 at the iconic Saatchi Gallery, London.

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 Press Release 2014-15

Mojiana launches ORB collection at CRAFT LONDON 2015

British jewellery brand Mojiana will launch their newest collection to industry insiders at  CRAFT trade show in London January 11-13th, followed by PURE London, February 8-10th 2015. The brand established in 2013 by contemporary jewellery designer Moji Salehi, will showcase their second season to the UK and International buyers following on from their success in 2014, when they presented for the first time at Top Drawer exhibition, London.  The brand have developed their PROJECT 2D23D collection to include the new and exciting ORB collection. This includes bold statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings, handcrafted in the UK using laser cut, hand formed acrylic and gilded in 24carat gold, for the ultimate in contemporary luxury.

Speaking of what makes the collection unique to the marketplace, Salehi states “All of the pieces are designed using time honoured, traditional techniques. Each piece can take an entire day to cut, construct and gild, and every piece is unique in its finish.”  Moji says that “I design always with a strong, confident woman in mind. She might not scream “look at me” as she enters the room, but she certainly turns heads once she does. She is elegant, appreciates quality and craftsmanship and the ORB collection personifies this in being daring, luxurious and full of character.”

 Speaking of the move from TOP DRAWER to CRAFT, where the brand gained 15 new stockists in just one season Salehi commented that: “For me the decision to move to CRAFT was simple, as the response to our couture pieces was phenomenal at our last exhibition. The move allows the buyers and press who are looking for emerging luxury labels like ours, to identify us easily within this space. As the tag line states: we are redefining handmade.”

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Press release 2015 by Natalie Courtois.



New Mojiana GALAXY Collection tames the wild frontier

Pioneering British contemporary designer Moji Salehi and her Mojiana brand has raised admiring eyebrows in the fashionworld by taking raw, wildly glamorous materials and creating luxury accessories that have a unique flavour and sensuality.Mojiana is defined by its innovative structural design, exclusivity and authenticity. The distinctive craftsmanship and attention to detail expresses its core philosophy. Each piece is intricate and unique in its thoughtful construction and fabrication. The inspiration behind Mojiana’s collections is drawn from the fundamentals of all geometric design; the circle and line. For the Galaxy and 2D23D Collection, Moji creates complex modular structures by incorporating simple geometric elements, repeated and interlinked to create interest, unity and movement. This contributes a visual rhythm to the viewer, engaging their attention and prompting them to investigate the piece further.With this emphasis on form, line and rhythm, both collections are bold yet balanced with a sense of mystery, wonder and drama.

mojiana two necklaces-1a - Copy

The collections breadth and range is spectacular. It spans the accessories landscape from leather cuffs, clutches and ultra-innovative leather rings to her bold tribal signature leather and acrylic necklaces. The dynamism and primitive power of both collections has propelled Moji to the forefront of modern UK fashion design.

Moji Salehi’s experience in textile printing and interior design has been crucial in developing this accessories line.  Using global influences, and a Riviera-imbued fashion sensibility she has spent the best part of a year preparing for the launch of the Galaxy and 2D23D collection. Her creations are immediately recognisable with their signature lines, shapes and structural formation married to masterly craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Mojiana philosophy means weaving a sinuous line between form, function and beauty. To achieve this, the Galaxy handbag collection was designed in house and painstakingly hand crafted in Sussex and London by master craftsmen and women with track records of creating bespoke pieces for ‘A’ list celebrities and Royalty.

The Collection has been priced to appeal to all tastes and pockets. It clearly takes its cue from classic chic Riviera glamour and an intrinsic sense of texture and art in fashion.

Brand creator and designer Moji Salehi is clear about her target audience, “Mojiana Galaxy is designed for women who have a bold and adventurous approach to fashion and who want to bring a sense of glamour and sensuality to any room they walk into.  The kind of woman who doesn’t follow trends but creates her own. I have deliberately set out to establish a collection of timeless pieces that rely on quality and style to command a unique place in the market. We have consciously made it accessible to everyone by putting the key elements of the collection online as well as in selected boutiques.”

Moji is now aiming to create numerous different lines employing a variety of materials including precious metal and exotic wood species under the brand in 2015. With  focus on producing high end statement designs, Mojiana has now an exciting men’s accessory line including cufflinks that featured in the luxury lifestyle magazine LUSSO Dec 2014. The Mojiana range is now available exclusively by Mojiana stockists and sit perfectly within fashion boutiques and Lifestyle stores alike.

As the debut of an exciting and provocative British designer, Galaxy and 2D23D collection marks the beginning of a collectable, charismatic accessories brand.

 MOJIANA… Expect The Unexpected…

Press release 2014 by zerofiftyone.

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